Trigonometry - Fall 2017 - TH 12-12:50pm - Room 228

Tentative Schedule

Tue aug22  1 1.1 angles                              H1
Thu aug24  2 1.2 trig functions of acute alngles     H2

Tue aug29  3 1.3 solving right triangles             H3
Thu aug31  4 1.3                                  

Tue sep05  5 1.4 trig functions of any angle         H4
Thu sep07  6 1.5 rotations and reflections of angles H5 text 1.5 7-14 all

Tue sep12  7 2.1 law of sines                        H5
Thu sep14  8 2.2 law of cosines                      H6

Tue sep19  9 2.4 area of a triangle                  H7
Thu sep21 10 2.5 circumscribed and inscribed triangles

Tue sep26 11 T1 review                               Sample Test 1
Thu sep28 12 T1

Tue oct03 13 3.1 basic trig identities               H8
Thu oct05 14 3.2 sum and difference formulas         H9

Tue oct10 15 3.3 double and half angle formulas      H10
Thu oct12 16 4.1 radians and degrees                 H11

Tue oct17 17 4.2 arc length; 4.3 area of a sector
Thu oct19 NO CLASSES

Tue oct24 18 4.4 circular motion; linear and angular speed H11b: 4.4 #1-7 odds
Thu oct26 19 T2 (take home: due Monday)

Tue oct31 20 5.1 graphing trig functions                 H11c: sagemath plot trig, 5.1
Thu nov02 21 5.2 properties of graphs of trig functions  H11

Tue nov07 22 5.3 inverse trig functions                  H11
Thu nov09 23 6.1 solving trig equations                  H11

Tue nov14 24 6.3 complex numbers            
Thu nov16 25 6.3

Tue nov21 26 vectors and the dot product
Thu nov23 HOLIDAY

Tue nov28 27 vectors and the dot product
Thu nov30 28 vectors and the cross product

Tue dec05 29 applications using vectors
Thu dec07 30 Final exam review                  

Tue dec12 T1 12-1:50pm Room 228 (math1015)
Wed dec13 T2  8-9:50am Room 228 (math2001), 12- 1:50pm Room 228 (math1010)
Thu dec14 T3
Fri dec15 T4

Instructor: Ted Wetherbee

Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College
2101 14th Street
Cloquet, Minnesota 55720

Office: W217
Phone: 218-879-0840

Fall 2017 Class Schedule:
  8-8:50am   MTWHF  Calculus 1           Room 228
  12-12:50pm MWF    College Algebra      Room 228
  12-12:50pm TH     Trigonometry         Room 228
  -online-          Intro. to Pogramming -online-

Office Hours in Room W217:
  Monday   Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
  11-noon  11-noon  9-10am     9-10am    11-noon

Course Website:

All materials handed out in class will be online from this web site. You can also naviage from this simpler URL:

All current and past assignments are on the course website listed by date under the tentative schedule.


Trigonometry, by Michael Corral
Publisher web page:
These textbooks cost about $15 from our bookstore.

Calculators, Computers, PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices)

The TI 83+ and 84 are the most popular TI models, but the TI 85 and 86 also work well. Casio also has nice graphing calculators. The TI 89 is harder to use for this class and is just about the same cost as a mini- notebook computer which can be loaded up with free and better mathematical software. Get a cheap calculator and bring it to class. You can use these for exams and quizzes.

Do not play games, email, text, chat, surf, talk, etc. etc. on your PEDs. Turn these things off during class and put them away. At times a PED, laptop, or other computer device may be useful in class. Still, turn them off and put them away until you are told when they will be useful and allowed. PEDs and computers are not allowed for exams or quizzes.


This is software like Mathematica and Maple which can do symbolic algebra, graphing, and many other mathematical things, but SageMath is free. You can download it yourself from then install on a Gnu/Linux machine, but it is probably easier to use the FDLTCC server above.

You can also use URL because this is a secure connection which is redirected from; the "s" after "http" means secure. You may be told that there is no security certificate, and there is not one yet for this web site. You can safely add an exception for this sagemath website to just do math. (You should never do this for online banking or any other online service which handles anything personal which must be secure.)

Note that these are class accounts, so everyone will be able to see work done by everyone else. There is no privacy. Put nothing private or even identifiable to yourself online--which is excellent advice for everything on any Internet service. Make up worksheet names which you can remember yet which are not identifiable to yourself, and use these just for math.

Exams and Grading

2 tests     2x100 = 200
1 final             150
20 homework 5x20 =  100
                    450 total

90-100%   A
80-90%    B
70-80%    C
60-70%    D
0-60%     F

The Course

This course addresses FDLTCC liberal education requirements (Competencies Across the Curriculum) in problem solving and technology. You should come to class everyday! This is the easy way to do well in any course, and it is especially true for math classes. There are exercises in the text for you to do, and these are usually answered at the end of each chapter. You will also get homework assignments on handouts, and you should complete then hand these in at the beginning of the next class. You homework grade is based on completing and turning in these homework handouts. You will also get sample exams which will be similar in length and content to the in-class exams. Let me know if there is are accommodations you need for the class.

Disabilities Notice

Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College is committed to providing equitable access to learning opportunities for all students. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehab Act Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College provides students with disabilities (e.g., mental health, attentional, learning, chronic health, sensory or physical) reasonable accommodation to participate in educational programs, activities or services. Students with disabilities requiring accommodation to participate in class activities or meet course requirements should first complete an Intake Form and necessary requirements with Anita Hanson in the Office of Disability Services, (phone 879.0819, email: to establish an accommodation plan.

Sexual Violence

Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College is committed to providing an environment free of all forms of discrimination and sexual harassment, including sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, gender or sex-based bullying and stalking. If you or someone you know has experienced gender or sex-based violence (intimate partner violence, attempted or completed sexual assault, harassment, coercion, stalking, etc.), know that you are not alone. Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College has staff members trained to support survivors in navigating campus life, accessing resources, providing accommodations, assistance completing with protective orders and advocacy. For more information regarding the Campus Security Report, the following link will give you a report on the Clery Compliance and Security Report at FDLTCC:

Please be aware that all Fond du Lac Tribaland Community College employees are required to report any incidents of sexual violence and, therefore it cannot guarantee the confidentiality of a report, but it will consider a request for confidentiality and respect it to the fullest extent possible. If you wish to report sexual misconduct or have questions about school policies and procedures regarding sexual misconduct, please contact either of the following:

Stephanie Hammitt, Vice President of Administration, 
at 218.879.0810,

Russell Swagger, Dean of Student Services, 
at 218-879-0805,

Anita Hanson, Counselor, 
at 218-879-0819,

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