Intro. to Statistics - Math 1030 - MWF 9-9:50am Room 228

Instructor: Ted Wetherbee

Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College
2101 14th Street
Cloquet, Minnesota 55720

Office: W217
Phone: 218-879-0840

Spring 2018 Class Schedule:
  8-8:50am   MTWHF  Calculus 2       Room 228
  9-9:50am   MWF    Statistics       Room 228
  10-10:50am MWF    College Algebra  Room 228
  12-12:50pm MW     Intro. to Prog.  Room 208
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  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday
  11-noon 9-10am  11-noon   9-10am    11-noon

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4 Tests      4 x 100 = 400
1 Final                200
20 homework  20 x 5  = 100
                       700 total

90-100%   A
80-90%    B
70-80%    C
60-70%    D
0-60%     F

The Course

Tentative Schedule - Spring 2018 - math1030

jan08 mon  1 introduction; 1.2 variables; 1.3 data collection Day 1 
jan10 wed  2 2.1 organizing data h1
jan12 fri  3 2.2 histograms      h2

jan15 mon  HOLIDAY
jan17 wed  4 2.3 other types of graphs h3, d4 
jan19 fri  5 2.3 time series plots     

jan22 mon  6 2.4 scatter plots         h4, scatter plots 
jan24 wed  7 review                    Sample Test 1
jan26 fri  8 test 1

jan29 mon  9 3.1 mean
jan31 wed 10 3.2 variation
feb02 fri 11 3.3 position

feb05 mon 12 3.4 analysis
feb07 wed 13 review test 2
feb09 fri 14 test2

feb12 mon 15 4.1 sample space and probability
feb14 wed 16 4.2 addition rule
feb16 fri 17 4.3 multiplication rule and conditional probability

feb19 mon HOLIDAY
feb21 wed 18 4.4 counting rules
feb23 fri 19 4.4 counting

feb26 mon 20 5.1 probability distributions
feb28 wed 21 5.2 mean, standard deviation, variance
mar02 fri 22 5.3 binomial distribution

mar05 mon 23 5.3 binomial distribution
mar07 wed 24 review test 3
mar09 fri 25 test 3


mar19 mon 26 6.1 normal distribution
mar21 wed 27 6.2 applications of normal distribution
mar23 fri 28 6.3 central limit theorem

mar26 mon 29 6.4 normal approximation to binomial distr.
mar28 wed 30 test 4 review
mar30 fri 31 test 4

apr02 mon 32 7.1 confidence interval, std. dev. known
apr04 wed 33 7.2 confidence intervals, std. dev. unknown
apr06 fri 34 7.3 confidence intervals for proportions

apr09 mon 35 7.4 confidence intervals for variance and std. dev.
apr11 wed 36 8.1 hypothesis testing
apr13 fri NO CLASSES

apr16 mon 37 8.2 z-test/p-value method
apr18 wed 38 8.3 t-test
apr20 fri 39 10.1 correlation

apr23 mon 40 10.2 regression
apr25 wed 41 10.3 coefficient of determination and stad error of estimate
apr27 fri 42 11.1 test for goodness of fit

apr30 mon 43 11.2 tests using contingency tables
may02 wed 44 11.3 analysis of variance (ANOVA)
may04 fri 45 applications

may07 mon 46 Final exam review 
may08 tue H  No Classes 
may09 wed NC No Classes
may10 thu T1
may11 fri T2 8-9:50 Room 228, 10-11:50 Room 228, 12-1:50 Room 208
may14 mon T3 9-10:50 Room 208
may15 tue T4

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