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Text (free): Introductory Statistics

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Calculator: TI-30XS Multiview

These cost $17 in the FDLTCC bookstore. Other calculators have the same functionality--but not precisely the same way of functioning. Given that the textbook is free, get one of these specific models so that recipes and functions work the same for this class.


Grades are kept in D2L

4 Tests      4 x 100 = 400
1 Final                200
15 homework            100
                       700 total

90-100%   A
80-90%    B
70-80%    C
60-70%    D
0-60%     F

The Course

Tentative Schedule - Summer 2019

jun04  1  tue 1. Intro to Statistics; 2. Descriptive Statistics: 2.1 Data  d1  h1
              Website Obesity
jun05  2  wed 2.2 Mean; 2.3 Variance h2
jun06  3  thu 2.4 Relative Position h3

jun11  4  tue 3. Probability h4
jun12  5  wed
jun13  6  thu review for test 1: Sample Test 1 ( KEY )

jun18  7  tue Test 1 
jun19  8  wed 4. Discrete Random variables h5 (and sample test 2)
jun20  9  thu Review for test 2 Sample test 2 key (HW5 #1-10)

jun25 10  tue Test 2
jun26 11  wed 5. Continuous Random variables h6
jun27 12  thu 6. Sampling Distributions

jul02 13  tue Sample Test 3( KEY )
jul03 14  wed Test 3
jul04 H   thu HOLIDAY

jul09 15  tue 6. Sample Distributions h7
jul10 16  wed 7. Estimation h8, h9
jul11 17  thu 7. Proportions: h10   

jul16 18  tue Test 4 Sample Test 4 ( KEY )
jul17 19  wed 8. Testing Hypotheses h11
jul18 20  thu 9. 

jul23 21  tue 10. 2-Sample Problems h12
  Correlation 1
jul24 22  wed 11. Correlation and Regression Data sets:
jul25 T1  thu Final Exam Sample Final

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