Beginning Algebra - Spring 2017 - MW 4-5:15am - Room 258

Tentative Schedule

mon     1  jan09 1.1 integers; 1.2 rational and irrational numbers h1
wed     2  jan11 1.3 integer exponents, percent, square root, decimals h2

mon     H  jan16 Holiday
wed     3  jan18 1.4 order of operations h3

Mon     4  jan23 1.5 variable expressions h4
Wed     5  jan25 1.6 sets h5

Mon     6  jan30 Test 1 Review Sample Test 1
Wed     7  feb01 Test 1

Mon     8  feb06 2.1 linear equations h6
Wed     9  feb08 2.2 general linear equations h7

Mon     10 feb13 2.3 sentences to equations; 2.4 applications h8
Wed     11 feb15 2.5 linear inequalities h9

Mon     H  feb20 Holiday
Wed     12 feb22 2.6 absolute value equations and inequalities h10

Mon     13 feb27 3.1 points, lines, and angles h11
Wed     14 mar01 3.2 plane figures; 3.3 solids h12

Mon     15 mar06 Test 2 Review Sample Test 2
Wed     16 mar08 Test 2

                 Spring Break

Mon     17 mar20 4.1 Cartesian plane; 4.2 functions h13
Wed     18 mar22 4.3 linear functions h14

Mon     19 mar27 4.4 slope of a line h15
Wed     20 mar29 4.5 equation of a line h16

Mon     21 apr03 4.6 linear inequalities h17
Wed     22 apr05 Applications of linear equations: modeling h18

Mon     23 apr10 5.1 graphing linear systems, solutions by substitution h19
Wed     24 apr12 5.2 solving systems by elimination h20

Mon     25 apr17 5.3 determinants and Cramer's rule h21
Wed     26 apr19 5.4/5.5 applications of linear systems  h22

Mon     27 apr24 Test 3 Review  Sample Test 3
Wed     28 apr26 Test 3

Mon     29 may01 6.1 exponents; 6.2 evaluation of polynomials h23
Wed     30 may03 6.3 multiplication of polynomials

Mon     31 may08 Final Exam Review Sample Final
tue     H  may09 Holiday 
Wed     NC may10 No Classes
Thur    T1 may11 
Fri     T2 may12 8-9:50 Room 228, 10-11:50 Room 228, 12-1:50 Room 208, 4-5:50 Room 258
Mon     T3 may15 
Tue     T4 may16

Instructor: Ted Wetherbee

Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College
2101 14th Street
Cloquet, Minnesota 55720

Office: W217
Phone: 218-879-0840

Spring 2017 Class Schedule:
  8-8:50am   MTWHF  Calculus 1            Room 228
  10-10:50pm M W F  College Algebra       Room 228
  12-12:50pm M W    Intro. to Programming Room 208
  4-5:15pm   M W    Beginning Algebra     Room 258

Office Hours in Room W217:
  Monday   Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
  11-12    9-10     3-4;11-12            9-10

Course Website:

Click on "wetherbee" then "m0020" from the web site above. All materials handed out in class will be online from this web site.

WeBWorK sample practive online

Use this website link:

Select the course math0020, then login using the Guest Login button at the bottom


Free book in PDF

Calculators, Computers, PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices)

Get a cheap, simple calculator and bring it to class. You can use these for exams and quizzes. TI-30 models cost somewhere in $6-20.

Do not play games, email, text, chat, surf, talk, etc. etc. on your PEDs. Turn these things off during class and put them away. At times a PED, laptop, or other computer device may be useful in class. Still, turn them off and put them away until you are told when they will be useful and allowed. PEDs and computers are not allowed for exams or quizzes.


This is software like Mathematica and Maple which can do symbolic algebra, graphing, and many other mathematical things, but SageMath is free. You can download it yourself from then install on a Gnu/Linux machine, but it is probably easier to use the FDLTCC server above.

You can also use URL because this is a secure connection which is redirected from; the "s" after "http" means secure. You may be told that there is no security certificate, and there is not one yet for this web site. You can safely add an exception for this sagemath website to just do math. (You should never do this for online banking or any other online service which handles anything personal which must be secure.)

Note that these are class accounts, so everyone will be able to see work done by everyone else. There is no privacy. Put nothing private or even identifiable to yourself online--which is excellent advice for everything on any Internet service. Make up worksheet names which you can remember yet which are not identifiable to yourself, and use these just for math.

Exams and Grading

3 tests     3x100 = 300
1 final             150
20 homework 20x5 =  100
                    550 total

90-100%   A
80-90%    B
70-80%    C
60-70%    D
0-60%     F

The Course

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