Calculus 2 - Spring 2017
MTWHF 8-8:50am - Room 228

Tentative Schedule

mon     1  jan09 7.1 integration formulas h1 7.1 1-33 alt. odds, 37,43,47,53,79 
tue     2  jan10 7.2 integration by parts h2 7.2
wed     3  jan11 7.2
thur    4  jan12 7.3 partial fractions h3 7.3
fri     5  jan13 7.3

mon     H  jan16 Holiday
tue     6  jan17 7.4 trig substitutions h4 7.4 1,7,13,25
wed     7  jan18 7.4
thur    8  jan19 7.5 tables and CAS h5 p. 606-9 on SageMath
fri     9  jan20 7.6 improper integrals h6 7.6 1-15 odds, 33, 47, 51

Mon     10 jan23 7.6
tue     11 jan24 Review for Test 1 Sample Test 1
Wed     12 jan25 Test 1
thur    13 jan26 8.1 limits of sequences H7 8.1 1,2,11,12,15,17,19,23,25,55,61
Fri     14 feb27 8.2 calculating limits of sequences H8 8.2 1-57 odds

Mon     15 jan30 8.3 infinite series H9 8.3 1-15 odds, 24-49 alt. odds
tue     16 jan31 8.3
Wed     17 feb01 8.4 integral test H10 8.4 1-25 odds
thur    18 feb02 8.5 comparison test H11 8.5 1-27 odds
Fri     19 feb03 8.6 ratio and root tests H12 8.6 1-31 odds

Mon     20 feb06 8.7 alternating series H13 8.7 1-21 odds, 45,47,49
tue     21 feb07 8.8 power series H14 8.8 1-19 odds, 41,42,43
Wed     22 feb08 8.8
thur    23 feb09 8.9 Taylor and Maclaurin series H15 8.9 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,25,28
Fri     24 feb10 8.9

Mon     25 feb13 8.10 convergence of power series H16 8.10 1,17,21,23,49a
tue     26 feb14 8.11 applications of power series H17 8.11 16,18,20,24,28
Wed     27 feb15 8.11
thur    28 feb16 Review for Test 2 Sample Test 2
Fri     29 feb17 Test 2

Mon     H  feb20 Holiday
tue     NC feb21 No Classes
Wed     30 feb22 9.1 conic sections and quadratic equations H18 9.1 9,11,17,19,27,31,49,53,57,59,61,63
thur    31 feb23 9.1
Fri     32 feb24 9.2 classifying conic sections by eccentricity

Mon     33 feb27 9.3 quadratic equations and rotations
tue     34 feb28 9.4 paramatrization of plane curves
Wed     35 mar01 9.6 polar coordinates
thur    36 mar02 9.7 graphing in polar coordinates
Fri     37 mar03 9.7

Mon     38 mar06 9.8 polar equations for conic sections
tue     39 mar07 9.9 integration in polar coordinates
Wed     40 mar08 9.9
thur    41 mar09 Review for Test 3
Fri     42 mar10 Test 3

                 Spring Break

Mon     43 mar20 10.1 vectors in the plane
tue     44 mar21 10.1
Wed     45 mar22 10.2 Cartesian coordinates and vectors in space
thur    46 mar23 10.3 dot products
Fri     47 mar24 10.3

Mon     48 mar27 10.4 cross products
tue     49 mar28 10.5 lines and planes in space
Wed     50 mar29 10.5
thur    51 mar30 10.6 cylinders and quadric surfaces
Fri     52 mar31 10.7 cylindrical and spherical coordinates

Mon     53 apr03 11.1 vector-valued functions and space curves
tue     54 apr04 11.1
Wed     55 apr05 11.2 modeling projectile motion
thur    56 apr06 11.2
Fri     57 apr07 11.3 arc length and the unit tengent vector T

Mon     58 apr10 11.4 curvature, torsion, and TNB frame  Sample Test 4
tue     59 apr11 11.5 planetary motion and satellites
Wed     60 apr12 Review for test 4
thur    61 apr13 Test 4
Fri     NC apr14 No C

Mon     62 apr17 12.1 functions of several variables
tue     63 apr18 12.2 limits and continuity
Wed     64 apr19 12.3 partial derivatives
thur    65 apr20 12.3
Fri     66 apr21 12.4 differentiability, linearization, and differentials

Mon     67 apr24 12.4
tue     68 apr25 12.5 chain rule
Wed     69 apr26 12.5
thur    70 apr27 12.7 directional derivatives, gradient vectors, tangential planes
Fri     71 apr28 12.7

Mon     72 may01 12.8 extreme values and saddle points
tue     73 may02 12.8
Wed     74 may03 12.9 Lagrange multipliers
thur    75 may04 12.10 Taylor's formula
Fri     76 may05 12.10

Mon     77 may08 Review for Final Exam Sample Final XC
tue     78 may09 Holiday 
Wed     79 may10 No Classes
Thur    T1 may11 
Fri     T2 may12 8-9:50 Room 228, 10-11:50 Room 228, 12-1:50 Room 208, 4-5:50 Room 258
Mon     T3 may15 
Tue     T4 may16

Instructor: Ted Wetherbee

Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College
2101 14th Street
Cloquet, Minnesota 55720

Office: W217
Phone: 218-879-0840

Spring 2017 Class Schedule:
  8-8:50am   MTWHF  Calculus 1            Room 228
  10-10:50pm M W F  College Algebra       Room 228
  12-12:50pm M W    Intro. to Programming Room 208
  4-5:15pm   M W    Beginning Algebra     Room 258

Office Hours in Room W217:
  Monday   Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
  11-12    9-10     3-4;11-12            9-10

Course Website:

Click on "wetherbee" then "m2002" from the web site above. All materials handed out in class will be online from this web site.


Calculus, by Thomas & Finney; pub Addison Wesley
9th: ISBN: 0201531747 , or
Alternate: ISBN 0-321-19363-6
(These two editions are page-for-page identical.)

Calculators, Computers, PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices)

The TI 83+ and 84 are the most popular TI models, but the TI 85 and 86 also work well. Casio also has nice graphing calculators. The TI 89 is harder to use for this class and is just about the same cost as a mini-notebook computer which can be loaded up with free and better mathematical software. Get a cheap calculator and bring it to class. You can use these for exams and quizzes.

Do not play games, email, text, chat, surf, talk, etc. etc. on your PEDs. Turn these things off during class and put them away. At times a PED, laptop, or other computer device may be useful in class. Still, turn them off and put them away until you are told when they will be useful and allowed. PEDs and computers are not allowed for exams or quizzes.


This is software like Mathematica and Maple which can do symbolic algebra, graphing, and many other mathematical things, but SageMath is free. You can download it yourself from then install on a Gnu/Linux machine, but it is probably easier to use the FDLTCC server above.

You can also use URL because this is a secure connection which is redirected from; the "s" after "http" means secure. You may be told that there is no security certificate, and there is not one yet for this web site. You can safely add an exception for this sagemath website to just do math. (You should never do this for online banking or any other online service which handles anything personal which must be secure.)

Note that these are class accounts, so everyone will be able to see work done by everyone else. There is no privacy. Put nothing private or even identifiable to yourself online--which is excellent advice for everything on any Internet service. Make up worksheet names which you can remember yet which are not identifiable to yourself, and use these just for math.

Exams and Grading

4 tests     4x100 = 400
1 final             200
50 homework 2x50 =  100
                    700 total

90-100%   A
80-90%    B
70-80%    C
60-70%    D
0-60%     F

The Course

This course addresses FDLTCC liberal education requirements (Competencies Across the Curriculum) in problem solving and technology. You should come to class everyday! This is the easy way to do well in any course, and it is especially true for math classes. There are exercises in the text for you to do, and these are usually answered at the end of each chapter. You will also get homework assignments on handouts, and you should complete then hand these in at the beginning of the next class. You homework grade is based on completing and turning in these homework handouts. You will also get sample exams which will be similar in length and content to the in-class exams. Let me know if there is are accommodations you need for the class.

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